What are the payment options for my free-flow trip ?

There are 4 ways to pay for your free-flow trip :

Automatic payment :

1. The electronic toll tag :

When you pass under a free-flow toll (péage en flux libre) gateway, your tag is automatically detected by the free-flow system if it is correctly attached to the windscreen. You don't have to do anything, your invoice is available each month in your online customer area. You will be charged automatically around the 15th of the month following the trips.

You also benefit from exclusive discounts for your trips on the A79 by subscribing to the Télépéage ALIAÉ A79 (electronic toll) offer. For more information click here.


2. Inscription plaque (Plate registration) :

By subscribing to the inscription plaque (plate registration) offer, you register your number plate and your bank details on the website www.aliae.com.

Your license plate is detected on every trip and your bank account is charged weekly. More information on the inscription plaque (plate registration) here.

Payment per trip  :

3. Payment on the website : 

If you choose to pay per trip, you can pay online at www.aliae.com. Simply enter your number plate to find the trips you have made. You must pay for your travel within 72 hours after using the A79. To make sure you don't forget any payment, you can register your email address and receive a notification as soon as payment is due. 

4. Payment at payment terminals  : 

16 pay terminals are available along the A79 motorway. Take advantage of a pause on your trip to pay for your journey with cash, bank card or private/oil card. 

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