How does free-flow toll collection work ?

1. A vehicle passes under a gateway equipped with cameras, beacons and lasers that identify the electronic toll tag or the number plate. The passage under the gateway is accurately dated, regardless of weather conditions.

2. The information collected is analysed by the free-flow system to trace the vehicle's route and calculate the amount of the toll due.

3. The trip is paid automatically if the customer is equipped with an electronic toll tag or has signed up for the inscription plaque (plate registration). Otherwise, the trip must be paid within 72 hours of travelling on the A79, either online at or at one of the 16 payment points available along the A79 motorway. In the event of late payment, a fixed penalty of €90 will be added to the amount of the toll (Articles 529-6 and R49-8-4-1 of the Code of Criminal Procedure). 


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