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Why do I have to enter my personal details when I pay for a journey online using my bank card?

Personal information such as surname, first name and billing address are required by the 3DSV2 banking security protocol at the time of online payment. Click here to find out more!

Vous ne savez pas d'où provient une somme prélevée ?

Vous avez certainement réalisé un autre achat sur notre réseau ALIAE !

Voici une liste des différents libellés que vous pouvez retrouver sur vos relevés bancaires : cliquez sur l'article pour les découvrir ! 

Learn more about the future free-flow toll system (péage en flux libre) on the A79 freeway

If you have any questions about the free-flow toll system (péage en flux libre) on the future A79 motorway and the associated payment solutions, please contact our Customer Service department on 0 806 005 005 (free service + the cost of the call).

From Monday through Saturday from 8:30am to 6:30pm 

Saturday from 9am to 5pm 

A well-fixed Télépéage badge is a well-detected badge

Did you know that in 90% of cases where the badge does not work, it is because it has been incorrectly positioned on the windscreen? It's very important that the badge is correctly attached to the windscreen to ensure correct transmission between the badge and the free-flow toll gantry.

I have an electronic toll tag and I can't find my journeys on the aliae payment site

This is normal, the payment site is only used to pay for journeys outside of the offers. If you have subscribed to an electronic toll or plate offer, you can consult your journeys on your online customer area. Currently, for journeys made on the A79, they can be consulted within 3 or 4 days.

Should you slow down when passing under the gantries ?

No, there is no need to slow down when passing under the free-flow toll (Péage en flux libre) gateways. You can drive at normal speed, respecting the speed limits in force.

The free flow guide

Discover in a few steps how the free flow works with these instructions!